April BallesteroOne Light Ahead’s owner, Coach April Ballestero has 20 plus years 

in sales and training, and certification in Power of Communication, Leadership Breakthrough, and Abelson Disc Behavior assessments establish a foundation to her unique coaching styles for each and 

every client. Coach April will share the simple ABC's of Focus.

With experience as a Mom, Booster Club & PTA member, Family Advocate, Foster Parent, Sunday School Teacher/Director, Church Office Administrator and Retreat Speaker, Kimberly discovered that she has a passion for writing and enjoys helping others, especially women and children, discover they too are “Divinely Defined”. 

Nancy Burroughs is an influential speaker for women’s events, business events, conferences and retreats. She has been the keynote speaker at numerous events including Edwards Air Force Base. Nancy is a transformational relationship coach, and the author of The Power of

the Question: 100 Questions to Strengthen Your Marriage. She is the CEO/Founder of Nancy Burroughs International..As a professional speaker who has given over 450 speeches, Nancy shares her personal story which inspires others and gives them hope that there is a way to heal and restore love.   http://nancyburroughs.com/

Relatable, authentic, sincere -- “Oprah with Jesus” is how listeners have described her.​She knows a lot about women. She has guided employees in their careers in corporate America and her own small business, urged women to pursue healthier lifestyles as a Curves owner, mentored women one-on-one and in large study groups, and inspired women audiences to walk closer with Jesus. – inspiring ordinary women to live extraordinary liveshttp://www.dianemaxey.org/

Turning Your Pain into Power
Doreen will address the pain of rejection by her father as a young girl and how that played out in her life as an adult woman.  Then she will address the steps she took to reconcile with him years later, that have led to the power packed non-profit organization that she leads today. Amazing stories of hope and healing season her story!   http://doreenhanna.com/

Doreen Hanna  is the Founder & President of

ModernDayPrincess.net.  She is a Focus on the Family published author.   Her books and curriculum equip girls and young women to embrace their purpose, value and strength because they are our next generation’s women of influence. Because Doreen recognized this “felt need,” in our society it has led to the implementation of her programs in every state in the USA and in 22 countries across the world.


You will learn how to narrow in on what is important and achieve your dreams by learning what is in your way and how to complete one item in 24 hours after hearing her speak. www.onelightahead.com

Mrs. Afiong Ntofon is a Financial Services Broker and a teacher.  She has been working with People Helping People Financial Services Company since 2011. She loves what the business has done for her and others, which is providing the opportunity for people to learn basic personal finance.  She is dedicated to imparting financial literacy to the public, bringing back hope to American families and restoring free enterprise.

Kimberly Kay
A Journey. A Story. Divinely Defined.
Kimberly began a lifelong journey of uncovering and discovering just who God created her to be. Studying at Liberty University, beginning and growing a family of two boys and a girl, living in Virginia, California, Missouri and back to California, finally earning an AA in Child and Family Education at Antelope Valley College, she followed her passion of following God through all the transitions of life.

Diane Maxey
Writer, Speaker, Influencer, Small Business Owner, Caring Wife, Nurturing Mama, Cool Nana, Jesus Lover. That’s how Diane Maxey describes herself.